Journal Articles

Johnson, Craig and Alia Middleton (2016). ‘Junior coalition parties in the British context: explaining the Liberal Democrat collapse at the 2015 general election’, Electoral Studies 43: 63-71. Impact Factor (2016): 1.379. 5-year impact factor: 2.016.

Johnson, Craig and Sunil Rodger (2015). ‘Did perception of the economy affect attitudes to immigration at the 2010 British general election’, Social Science Quarterly 96 (5): 1214-1225. Impact factor (2016): 0.849. 5-year impact factor: 1.253.

Johnson, Craig (2015). ‘The coalition and Liberal Democrat members’, Journal of Liberal History 88 (3): 58-61.

Johnson, Craig (2014). ‘The importance of local parties and incumbency to the electoral prospects of the Liberal Democrats’, Politics 34 (3): 201-212. Impact factor (2015): 1.263. 5-year impact factor: 1.318.


Policy Reports

Johnson, Craig and Megan Mathias (2018). ‘Sub-national government involvement in international trade negotiations‘, Wales Centre for Public Policy.

Johnson, Craig and Emyr Williams (2017). ‘Shared services in local government‘, Public Policy Institute for Wales.

Johnson, Craig (2017). ‘Time for a full public bank in Wales?‘, Public Policy Institute for Wales.


Book reviews published in Political Studies Review and blogs for The Conversation, Democratic Audit, LSE Politics and Policy, PSA Blog and The Crick Centre.

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